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Welded CP tubing, diameter from 6mm to 16mm

Normally in Stock

6,35mmO.D.x0,66 mm wallx8m
9,50mmO.D.x0,66 mm wallx3m
9,50mmO.D.x0,90 mm wallx3m
12,70mmO.D.x0,66 mm wallx6m
14,29mmO.D.x0,90 mm wallx7.3m
Thick wall tube up to 30mm diameter
For such applications as:
a) Cannulas for keyhole surgery.
b) Low energy use thermopockets, flux injectors, and ancillary components for the aluminium foundry industry.
Such thick wall tube is a cost-effective alternative to gun drilling, or boring solid titanium bar.
Welded/drawn tube down to 1mm diameter
CP Titanium Strip, thicknesses 0,4   0,66   0,9 mm
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