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Sources of Information for the Professional Engineer

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Engineering, Specialised categories:
Acoustics and Vibrations
Aerospace and Aeronautics
Books - technical and general
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
Courses and Tutorials
Civil Engineering
Control and Robotics
Designing for Manufacture
Electrical and Electronic
Fasteners, nuts, screws, bolts and bolt technology
FE - Finite Element Resources
History of Technology and Science
IT - Information and Communication Technology
Materials - Metals, Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers

Mechanical Engineering
Light, colour, and illumination
Patents Information
Physics, General Science, Mathematics, Models and Simulation
Power Engineering
Safety, EMC, Radiation, and Compliance
Software, technical
Standards Institutions
Jobs - Engineering, Software and IT
Units of Measurement and Instrumentation

Products and Manufacturers
Product Finders, and Directories of Manufacturers. UK, Europe, Ireland, and USA

Virtual Libraries
Vast resources of Engineering Information

Magazines, On-line, Technical
These are useful for up-to-date information, and adverts.
EDN Engineering Design News Design resource for engineers
Search facilities,technical articles, new products, design Ideas, downloadable software, and industry links.

Engineering magazines on-line Many Technical Magazines acessed from 1 site.

Manufacturing magazine Design News On-line<

Cahners data Manufacturing Magazine.
Search collection of more than 6,000 new product listings, updated every week, view products currently featured in product tabloids

Sensors magazine The Journal of Applied Sensor technology


Misc Technical:
Glossaries A page of links to glossaries of technical words.

Corrosion Source Very extensive information on corrosion.

How things Work
Louis A. Bloomfield, Professor of Physics, The University of Virginia

Chemical abstracts service

Unit Converter Scientific and Engineering. On-line conversions between different units systems. A useful facility.

Engineering Search Engines
The Engineering E-journal Search Engine
Searches the full text of one hundred engineering e-journals which are listed in the Main EEVL Database of engineering resources (with their own record or as part of a parent site). In order to be selected, e-journals must be free, full text (or offer most of their content as full text) and available without registration. Articles in PDF, which require an Adobe Acrobat reader (downloadable from the Adobe Website) and Postscript format are also included.

WIRESCRIPT (Web Information REpository on Scientific Culture, Research, Innovation Policy and Technology) is a free information service distributed electronically on the World Wide Web.
WIRESCRIPT is not a reference for specialists in a given technical domain but a cross-disciplinary tool to explore synergies between research, technology and economy in Europe.

ETD Homepage - Engineering Technology Division (ETD) of the ASEE.

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