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Physics, General Science, and Mathematics

Periodic table of Elements with atomic weight, meltimg points, boiling points. by Monaxoe

Institute of Physics (UK)

PhysicsWeb   Physics World, news, Reviews, Members Services. Global News and Information E- Magazine.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (USA)   The Physics Laboratory is one of the major operating units of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Its mission is to support United States industry by providing measurement services and research for electronic, optical, and radiation technologies.
 Much information on this site including:  Physical Reference Data, Constants, Units & Uncertainty, Articles and Publications, General Interest.

The Constants and Equations Pages   Comprehensive resources of science, maths and astronomy related information. There are in excess of 300 scientific equations available, many with explanations
Over 200 scientific constants.

Fundanmental Physical Constants   Institute of Chemistry - Berlin   English and German

Physics-related information Erik Max Francis
A proof of Kepler's laws. -  Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics. - Orders of magnitude - How everything compares to everything else. - Cross-references - Physics reference

The Virtual Physics center   (Canada)   Takes some time to load the front page (go and make a cup of coffee), but this site has a massive amount of information, too much to list.

Jack's Page - Basic Physics with Java  Matrix Ray Optics - Introduction to Ellipsometry - Analysis of Ellipsometric Data - Analysis of Transients.

World Wide Web course in introductory STRENGTH OF MATERIALS enquiries:,

Mathematics, Mathematical Models and Simulation
Free engineering, scientific and financial calculator (UK)
by Flow Simulation Ltd, Includes functions for statistics; use of different number bases (binary, octal, hexadecimal and base-n); units conversions and physical properties and constants; computes time functions; and has a stopwatch feature and RPN (Reverse Polish Notation). Runs on Microsoft Windows (WindowsNT, Windows95/98/ME, Windows2000/XP) and WindowsCE (Pocket PC). You can download Calc98 free!

Online units conversion and constants database
by Flow Simulation Ltd,

BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources - Mathematics
BUBL Mathematics and Computing
The BUBL Information Service is funded as a national information service by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Councils of England, Scotland and Wales and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland.

Math on the Web
American Mathematical Society

Guide to Available Mathematical Software
National Institute of Standards and Technology USA

Why bother with Simulation ? - An Eng4eng Monograph
With examples drawn from his own experience, Mike McCann puts a personal case for making use of current modelling and simulation methods to protect and benefit your business.

General Mathematics Links from Theorem Net General Resources •Applets •Instructional Resources •Technical-Area Web Sites, Bibliographies •Journals and Conferences •Other Goodies •Math Humor Good searchable data base of mathematics. An excelent reference source.

Abstract Algebra on Line Northern Illinois University

History of Math Geometry net
Comprehensive links to HIstory of Math(s)

General Science and Nature
The New Scientist Online edition of The New Scientist Magazine(UK)   Very professional, informative, and seachable.

SciSeek   An online directory dedicated to science and nature.

Frank Potter's Science Gems Science Resources are sorted by Category, Subcategory, and Grade

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