Engineering Materials

NVH materials Links to information and websites around the world for materials that affect Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) performance.

Online Engineering Resources Metals Database - Ceramic Databse - Plastic Database
Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory - Central Engineering - Harvard University

Search the above databases and display properties. Select for youngs modulus, shear modulus, density, CTE, strength/weight ratio, stiffness/weight ratio, poisson ratio, yield, etc.


Engineering Handbook - Ball-bearings calculations - NASA/GSFC Outgassing Data - NASA/MSFC Materials data

Materials Testing
American Society for Testing and Materials has developed and published 10,000 technical standards, which are used by industries world-wide. Includes a searchable catalogue.

Metals, Alloys and Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion Potential Chart by Penn Manufacturing and manufacturing Corp.
Galvanic corrosion potential is a measure of how dissimilar metals will corrode when placed against each other in an assembly. Metals close to one another on the chart generally do not have a strong effect on one another, but the farther apart any two metals are separated, the stronger the corroding effect on the one higher in the list.

Plating Guidelines by Penn Manufacturing and manufacturing Corp.
Guidelines on some common plating processes.

Metals characteristics
By Principal Metals. Complete materials property data on more than 5000 ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Chemistry, mechanicals, general description, applications, welding, machining, and forming data.

Corrosion Source
An excellent souce of corrosion information, including principles underlying multiple disciplines, from electrochemistry and fluid mechanics to materials science and engineering.

Corrosion and Materials Reference Library
An excellent resourse, including: corrosion data, corrosion photographs, failure analysis case histories, stainless steel data, copper alloy corrosion data, newsletters, metallurgy and heat treatment.

Brass by the Copper Development Association Technical information, technical publications, recycling, applications, advisory service, history etc.

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Plastics, polymers, and rubbers

An Introduction to Plastics Processing
A brief introduction, by Eudora Plastics.

An Engineers4engineers monograph contributed by The National Physical Laboratory UK
Heat Transfer in Polymer Processing
An Engineers4engineers monograph contributed by The National Physical Laboratory UK
G Dean and R Hunt National Physical Laboratory. UK

Note: This is in PDF format. Acrobat reader is required.


The origin of non-linear creep in plastics is explained and illustrated with data for a grade of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Some simple mathematical functions are presented that give an approximate model of the creep behaviour.
Non-linear creep of rigid materials is analysed in finite element systems using models based on time-dependent plasticity. This article shows how these plasticity equations can be interpreted to represent the functions derived to model creep in plastics.
Derived materials parameters are then used in a finite element analysis of the creep of a simple PVC component to illustrate stress redistribution in the component resulting from the description of the non-linear behaviour.

Plastics and Rubber Companies (UK)
The Applegate Directory of plastic and rubber components, equipment and services in the UK and Eire. Very comprehensive.

RAPRA Rubber and Plastics Research Association (UK)
A bibliographic and directory database dedicated exclusively to rubber, plastics, adhesives, and polymeric composites. The database covers the worldwide scientific, technical, and trade literature, as well as patent documents relevant to the rubber and plastics industries.

The Worldwide Composites Search Engine
Commercial site. Lists manufacturers. Fully searchable with hundreds of sites indexed. Information on prepregs, honeycombs. foams, adhesives, fiber materials, etc., processing, manufacturing and companies related to the Composite Materials Industry. There is also a surplus materials and key personnel database.

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