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Experts in Engineering Technologies

Electronic, Electrical, Consultants, Mechanical, Software etc. Specialisations include analysis, fluid, evaluation, machine, instrumentation, air movement, CFD, finite element, stress prediction, thermal, design, modeling, communication, computers, CAD, EMC, EC conformance, manufacturing, process control, instrumentation, sensors, plastics, training, year 2000 problems.
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Air Movement
Air Movement specialists.

CFD - finite element - stress prediction - thermal - magnetic field - dynamic modeling - design optimization - neural network modeling - systems.
Fatiue and durability.

Books - Technical and General

Courses - Open learning - Technical Writer

Conformance with European Regulations and Standards
European market specialists - conformance with EC regulations assessment - product evaluation.

Fatique and durability analysis

Engineers - electronic, electrical, mechanical
Design and development - advanced engineering services - investigations - machinery - industrial engineering - manufacturing productivity improvement. Electronic design - feasibility studies - hardware - software - PCB layout with schematics capture - prototypes - EMC and LDV - documentation. Contract electronics manufacturing - x-ray inspection services.

Fluid Engineering
Machinery - design and analysis - computational fluid dynamics - consequence assessments - ventilation and wind effects - process equipment

Material Suppliers based in UK
Prototype materials - Titanium

Engineering - control theory - signal processing - artificial intelligence - object-oriented - global positioning advanced 3d modeling - CFD - finite analysis - Components for software developers.

Words, Translations, and Document Management
Technical and general translations - French, German, Spanish into English.
Complete written English language services.
Document management for small to medium sized businesses.

Engineering and Information Technology Workbooks, Workbooks and Courses for Management Systems.


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