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Heat Transfer in Polymer Processing An Eng4eng Engineering Monograph
by Chris Brown, National Physical Laboratory (UK)

Design inSite
The Designer s guide for Manufacturing. Technical University of Denmark

An excellent source, with much information.

Various manufacturing processes and materials are described as well as the products where they are used.

The product and components examples can be searched based on different criteria ranging from technical properties to application area. Each product is described with text and photos or drawings and there are links to the relevant materials and processes. Economic consequences are described.

About 100 descriptions of products, materials and processes are included, mainly within plastic processes and materials and within surface treatment processes. Design inSite is now being expanded within the areas plastics, composites, surface treatment, ceramics, smart materials and rapid prototyping techniques.

EURO GIFDesigning for the European Market ? See The ITL Partnership - Conformance with EC regulations.

DTI Innovation Web Site (UK Gov.) Initiatives, finance for innovation, etc.
Pulsar technology A whole new range of possibilities in terms of product design and production.

Industry Research Desk
Polson Enterprises Research Service (USA)
This is an excellent commercial site, containing a wealth of useful information.

Business, industry, company, companies, factories, research, data, facts, information, manufacturing, manufacturing processes, SIC codes, NAICS, census data, Census, government information, and industry profiles.

How to Learn About an Industry or a Specific Company.(USA)
Industry Research Desk (Polson Enterprises Research Service) (USA)
This is an excellent commercial site, containing a wealth of useful information.
For companies investigating expanding into new markets with new products or acquisitions; individual inventors learning more about industries before trying to market their product to them; financial investors wishing to learn more about the inter-workings of certain companies or industries, by states.
The Engineering Resource Center (ERC) USA
A subscription-based service from Information Handling Services, the world's largest supplier of technical, regulatory and engineering information
The ESDU International website. (UK)
This site provides an online library of more than 200 volumes of engineering design data. These volumes contain over 1200 validated design guides, together with supporting engineering software that can be run, downloaded, and modified. The ESDU design guides are organized into 21 series, each covering a specific subject area in structural, mechanical, aeronautical, and chemical process engineering.The design guides are the result of more than 50 years experience in providing engineers with information, data and techniques for fundamental design and analysis.

Access by subscription

Occupation Safety and Health net (USA)
Vast amount of information.
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