Are you seriously planning to sell your electrical and electromechanical products into Europe?
It may be easier than you think and our partnership can help you.

The European Commission has made regulations and set requirements for all products supplied into this market. These same regulations ensure access into any country in the European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Area (EFTA) for conforming products.

Some modification may be needed to a product to align with European conventions. This can often be done without technical difficulty or unnecessary expense. Most products with good design and control of manufacturing, will meet the essential requirements.

It is necessary to:

  1. Choose the right directive for your Home, Commercial or Industrial product.
  2. Satisfy yourself of compliance and be prepared to justify this.
  3. Supply the product with the correct markings, instructions and documentation.
Although these ideas are simple they are of fundamental importance and must be done correctly for each case.

ITL has helped manufacturers from many countries outside the European Union to access this market with integrity and without complication. Our experience has made us familiar with the basic ideas and practical requirements of these new directives. - Return to main document