The ITL Partnership

European Market Specialisation
The ITL (Independent Technical Laboratory) Partnership was formed and registered in 1986. Initially we specialised in radio frequency interference testing in our new laboratory. This remains part of our work but we have diversified to meet the needs of our clients, especially in safety and conformance testing for the European market.

Qualified and Experienced
The partners are professionally qualified in engineering, science and applied technology and actively engaged in industry, scientific research and education. We are experienced in equipment design, project and product evaluation, conformance testing and development.

No overhead structure

We are a partnership that operates so as to provide a high integrity service without unnecessary overheads. Much of this consultancy work is done beyond normal working hours to suit our clients needs and because of our undertakings in other industrial research and teaching laboratories and at the University. Our work is programmed so that we will respond quickly to any enquiry and can proceed without hindrance from other work to complete any resultant contract. Some 200 contracts have been completed in this manner for well known international and smaller companies, almost all resulting from repeat assignments or from recommendations following satisfactory work. Return to main document