C.Eng. B.Sc.(1st Hons) M.I.E.E. F.I.Mech.E. Based in West Sussex UK
Available for investigations, searching information, short/long/part-time projects

A well qualified and multi-disciplined professional engineer with extensive experience in:

  • solving problems and trouble-shooting
  • technical audits
  • electrical, electronic & mechanical design & development
  • systems engineering
He can take charge of a project, make things happen, or just attend to small details as required. From researching a project to pushing it to fruition. From system analysis to writing and debugging software.

All projects, large or small, undertaken with professional competence, enthusiasm, dedication, and with strict confidentiality assured. Excellent at writing reports, technical handbooks, in immaculate English.

Competent in using software tools:

FastCad;     EasyCad;       DOS; WINDOWS 3.11, 95;  MathCad;  Microsoft Word;   Excel;
DOS;  Assembler;   'C';  pascal;  Basic (various);  HTML

Expert in searching for technical and business information:

Internet (WWW;  FTP) Acess to many technical libraries.


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